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NEW! Click here for a gallery of Bill Stephenson's photos from 1943 to 1946. (Google Photos album)

NEW! Click here for a gallery of Willy Wilem's pictures of Zichen, Belgium. (Google Photos album) Read who Willy is and how we met here.

Photos of the 1142nd Combat Engineers Group Headquarters Company
(click images for larger versions): Note the date of the photo should be October 1943.

Click here to view the company members numbered with their names here.


Click here to view the attendees.

July 18, 2007 Reunion of the 1142nd CE Headquarters Company.

Click here to view the attendees.


My name is Darrell Pace . I am the grandson of William Alga Pace who served as a Technician Fifth Grade switchboard operator with the Headquarters Company of the 1142nd Engineer Combat Group.

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