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This site is dedicated to the men who served in the 1142nd Combat Engineers Headquarters Company. These men lead the 1142nd Engineer Combat Group and this group was indispensable in keeping the Allies advancing to victory against Nazi Germany. To them we are greatly indebted.


The Headquarters Company of the 1142nd Engineers Combat Group was activated on October 15th, 1943. Colonel Frank Pethick, Jr was appointed as commanding officer and the Group was stationed at Camp Crowder, MO. The 1142nd participated in the Tennessee Maneuvers in early 1944. In June, the Group was stationed at Camp Campbell, KY. The 1142nd sailed for England August 29, 1944 and arrived at Liverpool, England on September 6th, 1944. The Group was temporary attached to the Ninth Army, XIII Corps. Arrival date at Omaha Beach to join the war on the continent was September 26th, 1944. The 1142nd was then attached to the First Army, XIX Corps on October 8th, 1944 upon it’s entry into Belgium, near Alebeek, to support operations against the Siegfried Line in the Siege of Aachen, Germany. On October 22nd, 1944, the Group was assigned to the Ninth Army and took part in the Rhineland and Central Europe Campaigns. In February of 1945, the 1142nd bridged the Roer River at Julich, Germany. By March 28th, the Group had bridged the Rhine River at Rhineburg, Germany. During the month of April 1945, the 1142nd constructed 4 bridges across the Rhine in addition to the responsibility it was given on several other bridges that had already been constructed on the Rhine. In June of 1945, the group was reassigned to the Seventh Army.

1142nd History by Nick Drahos

Nick Drahos, a member of the 1142nd, provides us a history here.

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Camp Crowder, Fall 1943

Tennessee Manuevers 1943 - 1944

German bridge March 1945

Hongen March 1945

Photos courtesy of Bill Stephenson.

Courtesy of Delbert Reason


My name is Darrell Pace . I am the grandson of William Alga Pace who served as a Technician Fifth Grade switchboard operator with the Headquarters Company of the 1142nd Engineer Combat Group.

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